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Jensen Interceptor MKIII (JFT 163N)

This car has been known to us for sometime and we can vouch for the fact that no expense has been spared in the maintenance and improvement of this particular example. Invoices from ourselves for over £68,000 covering the last 18 months accompany the car.
4,556 m 01/1974

Jensen Interceptor MKIII Convertible (PBK 988M)

Complete with copies of the original build card from 1974 this convertible comes with a fantastic history folder that you would expect from a car of this condition. There are also M.O.T’s dating back to 1980 which verify the current mileage of 48,376.
48,376 m 07/1974

Jensen Interceptor MKI (NOP 14F)

Finished in its original colour combination of Regal Red with Black leather, NOP 14F is a wonderfully patinated example of the early West Bromwich built Interceptors
62,700 m 02/1968

Jensen Interceptor MKIII (NOA 369P)

Registered in 1976, NOA 369P was built by Jensen for display at the 1976 Irish Motor Show. The car has been very well looked after since with a well-kept history folder containing bills totalling just under £60,000 since 1999, including over £30,000 spent with ourselves.
58,357 m 04/1976

DEPOSIT TAKEN - Jensen Interceptor MKIII (JOK 605N)

This car has a wonderful history folder that dates back to 1975, shortly after the car was new. It has been known to ourselves since the early 1980's and has thousands of pounds spent on it to keep it in fine working order. Structurally the car is superb and mechanically it performs as you would expect and without issue. Finished in white with a biscuit tan interior and period correct vinyl roof, JOK 605N is a car which is ready to be used and enjoyed by its next owner.
52,000 m 01/1975

NOW SOLD - Jensen FF (RRY 800G)

The letters FF stand for Ferguson Formula, after Ferguson Research Ltd., who invented the car's four-wheel drive system. The FF is related to the similar-looking, rear-wheel drive Jensen Interceptor, but is 127 mm (5.0 in) longer, and mechanically very different. The FF's link to agricultural engineering puts it in esteemed company along with David Brown (Aston Martin DB), Lamborghini and Porsche.
71,219 m 01/1968

NOW SOLD - Jensen Interceptor MKIII (HYE 820N)

This particular example is one of the best cars that we have seen for some time and has the perfect blend of patina and updated components. The car benefits from sensible upgrades such as rear seat belts, alarm system, uprated headlamps and new wheels; all work performed by ourselves in 2014. These all go together to make this a very well performing Interceptor.
52,801 m

Jensens Wanted

We are constantly looking for the finest Jensen examples to supply to our large client base. If you have a car which is in exceptional condition and would like a prompt, discreet transaction then get in touch with us on: +44 (0)1295 758 159 or alternatively, email us:
0 m

NOW SOLD - Jensen Interceptor MKIII (PNW 245P)

With its last owner for the past 20 years, this car has been lavishly cared for and subsequently is a really beautiful example that wants to be driven.
64,800 m

NOW SOLD - Jensen Interceptor Convertible (SBD 1M)

Only in production for two years during which a mere 507 are thought to have been made (with 87 RHD cars supplied to the home market), the Convertible remains the most sought after Interceptor variant.
0 m